Gift Making Magic!

I have mentioned before that I like to make my own Christmas gifts, both for the sake of economy and for the added thoughtfulness infused into such gifts that cannot be attained by picking up something at the store simply because it was time to buy someone a present. But every year I try to brainstorm good ideas that will be appreciated not just for the effort, but for the thing itself. Because, lets face it, no matter how much effort or thought goes into a gift, it’s not quite the same if the receiver doesn’t actually like it. It has to be the right balance. Often times though, this added proviso of likeability leads to a great deal more effort than I anticipated, as I try to wrap my fingers around what my brain has devised. Of course it doesn’t help that I have a VERY large family of consisting of 30 people outside of my immediate circle of 3 (soon to be 4). It can get a bit overwhelming.

This year, however, I had the benefit of a little helper that Santa let me borrow. It is still surprising to me that my little boy is old enough already to actually help me with projects. I do use the word “help” loosely, of course – he is after all only two. But even if his help wasn’t a time or effort saver, it was most definitely a mood saver during the 16 hours I spent this weekend completing everything. And, as is always the case, he was more of a teacher to me through the whole process than I was to him.  I may have taught him to mix ingredients or add just the right touch, but he taught me patience, understanding, a healthy sense of wonder, and an appreciation for licking all things yummy! And he helped me see all the old classic Christmas cartoons though a fresh set of eyes.  So at the risk of spoiling the surprise (if you expect to receive a gift from me, don’t look too closely or analyze too much), here are a few highlights from our weekend of gift making magic. I obviously can’t include the final result of the gifts we made for the adults, but since there are presumably few children who read my blog, I will share those – parents don’t tell!


8 thoughts on “Gift Making Magic!

  1. I’m so glad you are incorporating Aiden in giving gifts to others at Christmas! Too often kids are ONLY receiving at Christmas and not participating in giving. Even if what they give is handmade and turns out badly (ya’lls gifts turned out very nicely!) it is important for children to be involved in giving gifts to others as well as recieving them. What I see that promotes unhealthy attitudes amongst children at Christmas is when all the adults are giving the kids tons of gifts and the children are not giving gifts to anyone… and if they do, it is a present their parent bought and told them to give… and the children don’t learn to be giving from their hearts… and they are constantly asking “What did you get me?” when people walk in the door. :(

  2. And I’m guessing… that’s play dough? :) Great idea!!! And I love love love the paint cans with cookie cutters!!! so colorful and fun!

    • You *may* be right ;) And thanks! We had a good time. And I totally agree… It is very important for him to be involved in giving. Morgan came over last night and saw everything still out on our counter and he was SO proud to show her what he made with mommy! “You want one?” he asked. SO sweet. I love my little man!

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