Fashion on a Budget

I have shared with you all before my love of shopping as a means of reducing stress. I know that for many of you this is unfathomable since shopping and stress are essentially synonyms in your book. But for me shopping is an outlet unlike any other, and it’s guaranteed to lift my spirits. But regardless of whether or not you share this sentiment, most of you can understand the ‘tired’ feeling that your wardrobe gets after certain items have been used and re-used – sometimes for years. It is that feeling that, despite having full draws and closets, you actually like very little of whats in there and constantly feel as though you have nothing to wear. Oh well . . . back to old faithful . . . Sigh. Because in today’s economy, who can afford to revamp their wardrobe every year?  YOU CAN! With a little extra work and an affinity for bargains and consignment stores, you can accomplish a tremendous amount on a dime.  Particularly if, at the end of a season, you find sales at consignment stores. Then the already ridiculously low prices are cut in half. And you can feel good about what you are buying, not only because you are saving so much money, but because you are helping reduce waste by buying second-hand. The best way to demonstrate this amazing potential is to share with you my most recent jackpot. Everything below I got for a TOTAL of $70.00 – the cost of one outfit new at a department store.  Enjoy and happy bargain hunting!

Yellow Dress - $4.80 (found at the Bargain Boutique); Red Dress - $4.00, Red Jewelry - $3.00 (both found at Goodwill), Boots - $3.00 (found at the Bargain Boutique)

Plaid Top - $3.20, Red Top - $2.40, Sandals $3.00 (all found at the Bargain Boutique)

White Top - $3.20, Black Top $2.40 (both found at the Bargain Boutique)

Red Top - $3.20, Purple Top - $2.40, Jean Skirt - $3.20, Shoes - $3.00 (all found at the Bargain Boutique)

Black Top - $3.20, Patterned Top $2.40 (both found at the Bargain Boutique); Jeans - $4.50 (on clearance at Target)

Coral Skirt - $3.20, White Shirt - $1.60 (both found at the Bargain Boutique), Grey Dress - $15.00 (found at Kid's Kloset)


10 thoughts on “Fashion on a Budget

    • Thank you so much. It was more work than I anticipated. And my husband was a dear for being my photographer all afternoon and helping me with the photo editing. But I’m pleased with the end result and hopefully it will inspire folks to get out there and find some bargains of their own.

  1. OK thanks . . . Appreciate the help. I’ve seen those calls to action on a lot of sites. And I’m not quite sure what I think. Sometimes it feels gimicy. I want to grow. But I want my posts to feel authentic too. I wonder if such questions at the end of a post actually make a difference. Hmmm.

  2. Awesome finds!! You never realize how far $70 can really stretch… Goodwill is definitely my favorite bargain shopping place. Even if they mark up more expensive clothing it’s still way less than I would pay anywhere else. Keep it up!

  3. My favorites: coral skirt outfit, white shirt/black pants outfit, and plaid shirt/long shorts outfit. Looking sexy sister :)

  4. All the cloths look great. I live in the country so I find it difficult to buy cloths cheaply on a budget. When I get to go shopping I don’t seem to find any cloths that fit into my budget

    • Well, when you to do make it into the city to go shopping, look up a variety of thrift stores and treasure hunt. It takes some digging, but the hunt can be fun too. It’s definitely possible to find some great things! Good luck.

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