I have always loved IHOP, but my appreciation for it seems to grow in direct proportion to my age.  I have had the privilege of being treated to an IHOP breakfast with my boys for the last two Sundays in a row and both times I have been struck by the wonderful phenomena that exists there.  It is a bouquet of humanity.  One that smells of pancakes and sausage and eggs.  A melting pot of classes running the entire gambit from the very young to the very old and the very rich to the very poor.  It is Norman Rockwell’s America at it’s best – with a complete and utter lack of pretension or judgement.  Wholly sincere and simple.  One table houses a family of 7 and the very next is a table of one quietly sipping coffee while reading the paper.  It is beautiful.  So the next time you visit, don’t just feed your belly, although there’s certainly no doubt you’ll be able to do that well, feed your spirit.  Feast your eyes on the vast array of human goodness and smile.  And trust me, you won’t leave hungry.

Photo taken from pages.suddenlink.net/davew/pickin.htm


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